Nketiah Insist on wanting to Survive at Arsenal

Nketiah Insist on wanting to Survive at Arsenal

Arsenal striker Eddie Nketiah has confirmed will always be a true Gooners.

He managed to score two goals last night and beat Norwich City with a score of 2-1, where he came from the bench.

And despite having a backdrop of Chelsea, he told Arsenal media: “It’s very surprising to hear fans singing my name, but it remains to be remembered if I’m here to work and try to stay focused on the game.”

“I always dream of things like this happening and hopefully they can continue to support me and I can continue to get opportunities to impress fans.”

“I grew up watching Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​?? Ian Wright, they are all great strikers especially Thierry. ”

“There was once a chance to play with Henry and I got a lot of lessons while he was with him both on and off the field.”

He underwent his young career at the Emirates Stadium in 2015 and was called into the squad this year.

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