Ronaldo is like a Monster but Poor Technique

Ronaldo is like a Monster but Poor Technique

Hot tension presented ahead of the Club World Cup final that brings Real Madrid vs. Gremio at Sheikh Zayed Sports City Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Saturday (16/12/2017) evening local time or Sunday morning GMT. Coach Gremio Renato Gaucho said that Cristino Ronaldo did not have soccer techniques.

Real Madrid advanced to the final round after defeating Al Arab League club Al Jazira with a score of 2-1. Meanwhile, Gremio who is a champion Copa Libertadores advanced to the finals after defeating the Mexican League club, CF Pachuca.

Coming to this fight, Gaucho threw a hot ball aimed at the superstar of the Spanish giants, Ronaldo. He called Ronaldo like a monster but not a technician.

“Ronaldo is a monster, a player so great,” said Gaucho as reported by Marca.

“But he only works hard on his endurance and does not master many techniques in the world of football.”

According to Gaucho, Ronaldo is only good in one position only, the left winger.

“When Ronaldo left his position on the left wing, he will not be able to produce anything,” said Gaucho.

Speech Gaucho can be a boomerang if Ronaldo able to bring Real Madrid to conquer Gremio. The Portuguese footballer has shown his tactics in the semifinals with one goal donation to AL Jazira goal.

That extra goal left Ronaldo now collecting a total of 6 goals in the event, which made him the top scorer in the Club World Cup.

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